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We offer some of the best technology available. At DAS we believe that you need more than just the best technology. You need a local partner you can rely on. That’s why, along with Aprima EHR solutions, we include ongoing, onsite training, local in-person support and unlimited upgrades.

We’re more than a vendor, we’re a partner. Get to know us. If you’re like the rest of our clients, you’ll want to hug us … and we’re OK with that.

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03/27/15 Senate punts on ‘doc fix'; passage expected after spring break

There will be no doc fix until at least mid-April.

03/26/15 New Program Accelerates Move to Value-Based Pay for Care

The White House and healthcare industry stakeholders on March 25 officially launched a new effort to rapidly adopt value-based pay methods.

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What do PQRS incentives, ePrescribing, and the Aprima meaningful use guarantee mean to your practice?»Learn More

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Don't just rely on government incentives. Imagine getting paid faster, getting paid more and improving efficiencies and productivity in your practice. See for yourself what an Electronic Health Records solution from DAS could be worth to you.»Find Out

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Is It Worth It?

Why wait for stimulus funding? Calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) today!

What is your Return on EHR?

There are several components to calculating your return on investment (ROI).

There is a revenue side, allowing you to capture charges more accurately, code correctly and reduce payor rejections. There also exist many expense savings, including reduced paper supplies, transcription costs, space savings, and staff efficiency.

If you look at the ROI only as a physician, you may miss the ROI available to you as a business owner… remember, in many cases you are BOTH.

Estimate your Annual Savings with EHR

Try our quick ROI calculator and find out if an EHR may be financially beneficial for you. You’ll get your answer PDQ.

Our formula takes into account industry averages and best practices from various sources, but we’re happy to personalize it for you.

Want more detailed information on savings? Just ask. That’s what we’re here for.

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